Another baby gone

He didn’t ask to be here to begin with. His parents thought he would be the joy bringer in the family.

Therefore, decided to have him. He came and gave them a reason to live, he was made to create their purpose, to help them feel better about themselves, to offer him to the world.

Now he’s dead.

He left them with sorrow. No purpose, no reason to be. He’s gone and they stopped feeling better.

He didn’t want to bring them sadness. He didn’t ask to bring them happiness either. He didn’t ask for none of this.

He saw how hateful and useless life is and he left. Now, it wasn’t supposed to be hurtful. But life gives and takes.

At least, he won’t have to deal with trying to answer the questions that have no answers.

I appreciate you little baby. You did what I can’t do. You found your way out of this system. But my heart is broken.

Note to your family, I hope they find a better purpose, another source of joy, another fountain of happiness. Because life is as such.

In memory of all the babies who die too soon.

Published by vanick kam

I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

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