Take a Break to Take a Breath

I love writing. It is what I do when I’m healthy, when I’m sick, when I’m happy, when I’m sad. Even when I’m confused or think I got everything figured out, I write.

But I stopped writing. For months now I haven’t written anything non-related to my studies. Okay I’m technically writing lmao. However, it doesn’t feel the same.

I don’t know what happened. And stop right there! It’s not about priorities. I obviously have many important things to do. But when did writing stop being my priority? The one thing I believe to be my talent.

🙂 It wasn’t a choice. I just found myself not writing anymore. And I don’t hate myself because of that. I understood I’m not obliged to write. I am not in a relationship with writing.

It’s something I should do when I feel like doing it. Not when I don’t want to. Coz sometimes it feels like if you don’t do that thing then do you even really like it? Nah fam. Stop being a slave to certain things. I was addicted to writing.

Anyways, it was a break. That’s what happened. My body and mind focused on other things. And guess what? I’m back at it! Writing with a different perspective. Not addicted anymore.

Sometimes you gotta stop and take a deep breath. Sounds basic. And it is basic, but we usually forget to breathe. Those things that you like so much and feel like if they were taken away from you, you would be depressed or die.


You wonder how I transitioned from depression to death so quick? Just ignore it. I’m over-thinking. Your life does not depend on it.

Take a break to take a breath. Come back stronger, more focused, more inspired, more calm, more mature, less worried, less stressed, less angry, more peaceful.

If you’re addicted to your talent, try to stop using it. You will live coz life goes on. And once you realise you’re still breathing, you’ll know your life doesn’t depend on it. And never did.

Writing doesn’t own me. And I’m going to do whatever I want with this talent. My choice.

Published by vanick kam

I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

2 thoughts on “Take a Break to Take a Breath

  1. Thx miss. U know I write too and I sometimes , as now feel as to have a “trou noir”. But i know the inspiration is fmgping to come and at his moment I’ll write

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