When you’re losing a friend

During studies we go through a lot with exams and stuffs. We usually have a group of friends or a few people who are always there for us.

They become kind of our family on campus, so when we have issues with them it’s like a big deal. Because we care for them.

These issues can sometimes be critical such that we lose our friend slowly. When that person is really of great importance to us, we do what we can to make up.

However there’s this one question which is always hard to answer to: who will reach out first? Coz the only way to fix anything is to communicate.

I used to believe that the strongest person is the one who gets called or texted to initiate a conversation. Like they probably were less faulty than the one who reached out.

Today I know it’s wrong in so many ways. If you can’t put your ego aside to tell someone: hey can we talk? Then you must be somehow weak. That’s how I feel.

And there’s a difference between trying to talk with someone and trying to talk to someone.

Coz it’s a conversation and you’re not willing to make it worse, reaching out like you want to tell them why they’re wrong and why you’re right.

The person now has the choice to accept to talk with you or not. And you can’t do anything about that. It’s how they feel. At the end of the day you did what you had to do.

Some of us hurt because we’re always the ones reaching out. You must understand that it’s very mature and should not diminish this character of yours which is very noble.

Published by vanick kam

I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

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