Sleeping in the train

First of all, sleeping is underrated. I consider it as one of my biggest hobbies ever. If I get invited somewhere to have fun, drink and eat I will always think twice, because as much as I like food, I am also introvert. Somehow or maybe I just like my room more than hanging out with people. I rather sleep or netflix and eat on my own.

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If your life is slightly organised like mine, then you definitely know how effective a 5min sleep can be. That’s why I am a train sleeper. In Germany we travel long distances everyday, for studies, work and other activities. When I was in Worms living with my friend, I would spend 2 hours on the way to university between buses and trains. Also if I needed to attend an early lecture I would have to leave very early. You can imagine how little I would get sleep nearly every night.

Nevertheless it was not the only reason why I would not sleep enough. I also had sleeping disorders and couldn’t go to bed early. A vicious cycle of living like a robot and drinking coffee to compensate. Thus I would actually organise my sleeping hours considering my train naps. Which means if I slept 4h every night, I would have at least 1h more in the train. Isn’t that ingenious ? After all I am an engineer in the making, so I learn to find solutions to everything.

One day I woke up tired as usual, but I had to go to work. I had a normal shift and was supposed to start at around 9 a.m. . Unfortunately the workplace was in Karlsruhe and it would take me 2h to arrive there, plus I had never been to that particular place before. So I took a bus to the main station, where I took a train for Karlsruhe. That train was the usual one, nothing weird with it. I had been in Worms for so long and knew how to get to any town around it. Usually I just put on my earphones and listen to music till I fall asleep and it’s what I did. Also I didn’t put an alarm, because the end station was Karlsruhe. That’s what the panel said.

Therefore I slept peacefully and woke up only hours later 2 stations away from the Darmstadt main station. I don’t remember how many hours I had slept, but what I knew was that the train was on its way back to Worms where I left earlier that morning. Fortunately for me, I was not controlled in the train. I had no ticket to go that far and I would have been fined 60€ which I definitely didn’t have. That’s despite the fact that I was just casually and innocently sleeping, because it’s not an excuse. Germany makes a lot of profit off transport and the best way is to catch people who travel without tickets.

The how and why my train was in an opposite direction were unknown. I had to find out, eventhough it would not solve my problem which was, arriving late at work. There are a lot of ways to get a bad reputation in Germany and this is one of them. It was impossible for me to ask anybody about the train, because I would get caught. I waited till we arrived Mannheim only to find out that, the train was split that morning and it was announced that every passenger going in the direction of Karlsruhe should go to the back-wagon. Of course I hadn’t heard that, I must have been busy falling asleep with my earphones on.

Path: Worms-Mannheim-Darmstadt-Karlsruhe-Worms

Although I knew I couldn’t arrive work on time, I did everything to at least show up. My reputation was at stake and I could either go home like a looser or get there and explain how dumb I had been. I finally arrived there and saw everybody working. I asked to talk to the chef and she said there wasn’t any job left for me to do and that she didn’t even know someone else was scheduled. Plus I was way too late and I should just go home.

I followed her instructions and went straight home to my bed. That misfortune was not going to stop me from exercising my hobby.

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I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

4 thoughts on “Sleeping in the train

  1. What a funny story. It remembers me my own struggles.
    A while long, as i had to travel everyday from Karlsruhe to Pforzheim with trains to go to the firm for my internship, I used to sleep consciously or not.

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